PORN Video

Married wife, breaking / slave, drama, sample movie, target for campaign Product code: rbd00862 Husband re-employed as a system bus company with introduction of friends · Kaoru of school days. But it is a trap. Trustee who was made a companion of Kaoru who had already been trained as an entertainment slave of the company was able to put in the skill of soap and let the husband company's good customers be entertained

人妻,調教・奴隷,ドラマ,サンプル動画,キャンペーン対象 品番: rbd00862 学生時代の友人・薫の紹介で夫がシステムバス会社に再就職。しかしそれは罠。すでに社の接待奴隷として調教されていた薫の道連れにされた頼子はソープの技を仕込まれ、夫の会社のお得意様を接待させられるのだった